Ilona Lantos is an educator and artist, whose passion can be summed up in a few words, “art is for everyone.” Teaching and art making have been part of her whole life. She taught languages, computer graphics, music and jewelry making. When her only child, Chris died from cancer when he was 12, Ilona was devastated. Her heart broke into million pieces and she could not see any purpose of her life. She not only lost her son, she also lost her role as a mother. When she was introduced to silk painting a tiny light entered her heart. She immediately became seriously interested in learning more about painting, so she attended several workshops. With the brushes and paints she was able to express what is hard to say in words. She committed to rebuilding herself as an artist. She has studied in the Intentional Creativity school with Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Cosmic Smash Booking with Catt Geller and Abstract Expressionism with Flora Aube. She and her husband established the Chris Lantos Foundation in memory of their son to help kids with cancer and their families. Ilona hopes that art making will be integral part in her personal and professional life. She is a member in the Intentional Creativity Guild and the Arlington Artists Alliance. She also teaches art jounaling classes at the Art Academy of Gallery Clarendon. Check out her offerings at: .

Artist Statement

I enjoy making art that activates a sense of being in touch with my deeper self and wisdom. My work centers around the old stories that we have been telling ourselves while they control our lives unconsciously yet when we bring them into consciousness we can transform them into new legends on the canvas.

My process is based on intuition, intention and inquiry. I love to dig deep into my heart and mind until the unconscious essence of me becomes conscious and materializes into something physical to touch and see and have a dialog with. I love to express feelings with symbols and patterns.

Making art is part of cultivating self-love and learning about myself at a deeper level and authentically.