Jackie Afram

My art comes from my life experiences. I love working from photos of friends and family and have a large collection of them and of photos taken on vacations and trips abroad. Now I have the time to work from these and am catching up. I am too old to paint ugly stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t like non-objective styles. I draw inspiration museum collections and enjoy I have learned to add or subtract paint, and push it around with palette knife, brush, finger or paper towel. My primary trying to detect artists’ special techniques. I try to approach each painting with a style that I believe suits the subject. media is oil paint. The many ways one can use it with a variety of mediums intrigues me. Recently I have enjoyed using large brushes and inducing subtle changes with glazes. Each painting is a learning experience and I have yet a lot to learn. Mimicking the styles of favorite artists enhances my understanding of their genius and skill.

jackie.afram@verizon.net and see new work