When Jean S. Moore started her career in art, she was first drawn to the Old World mosaics of the Greeks and Romans. After successfully creating several large mosaics, which received wide acclaim, she became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of obtaining tessarae in a sufficiently broad array of colors to give the depth to her mosaics that she desired. So she turned to oil painting, where through blending, an endless variety of color, light, and shadow can be obtained. Since that time she has worked exclusively in oils.

Jean is most well known for her highly-realistic landscapes, still lifes, and animal portraits. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the East Coast, from Massachusetts to South Carolina, and some of her works have been featured in news articles, used in public posters, and in commercial calendars. Some of her more popular paintings have been replicated in giclees and in greeting cards.

For Jean, “the beauty of painting is that I never stop learning, never stop improving. Every time I think I have reached the top of my skill level, I find it is just another plateau and there is yet another peak to climb.”