Most of my work is non-representational, abstract paintings on canvas, paper or wood.  Often nontraditional materials, such as wax, sand, string are added to create a textured surface for the minimal style I want to achieve.

With each piece, there is a great effort to not say any more than is needed – every element is essential.  Working in the abstract offers me limitless challenges.  I have had a love affair with stripes for many years, so lately the stripe is prevalent in a lot of my pieces.

Oil paintings on canvas, encaustics on wood panels and collages are my preferred mediums.  A number of works are made from several panels that result in large cohesive works.

My art is found in numerous corporate and private collections including the

State Department Art in Embassies Program and consulates in China, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, France, India, Holland, Yemen, and Washington, DC.

A former resident artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Va, I now work in my home studio in Arlington, VA.