Linda Donaldson

Art can stimulate thought, provoke anger, motivate action, evoke the past, and provide emotional peace.  But, above all, it can delight the senses.

In the case of painting, the goal is to please the eye, so I try first of all to use color, form, and composition to provide the observer with something beautiful to look at.  I am a representational artist, so generally the subject is something familiar to the viewer.  But recently I have also experimented with abstract art and I hope eventually to display abstract pieces as well.

As a child, I loved to draw people, and I still find the human figure the most interesting subject matter.  I enjoy painting athletes, trying to capture the beauty of human motion in a single moment.  I also enjoy painting people in particular situations, and have done a series depicting people in museums.

In addition to figures, I paint landscapes, focusing on places that are beautiful and meaningful to me.   In particular, I have done a series of paintings of scenes on Lake George, where I spend time in the summer.  I am also planning a series of paintings of foreign sites where I have travelled in the past few years.